U8: Typeface based on lettering from Berlin Subway system
The U8 font started out as a typographic revival project. The objectives were: to restore a piece of history, to discover a link between DIN and Bauhaus, and to transcribe the lettering of station signage into a formal typeface. By digitizing photographic images of the signage I tried to preserve as many of the lettering’s quirks and inconsistencies as possible. In U-Bahn stations, every sign has been made individually like a distinct work of art. During the process of translating the U8 ambience into a typeface, my older colleagues’ warnings of likely difficulties were confirmed.  For example, on each of the signs I photographed the letter “a” appears different – not only because of the quality of the workmanship, but also due to the different materials used. Some signs are made using enamelled metal plate, while others are on ceramic plate; some metal signs are bent around a curve (the shapes thus stretching horizontally), and some signs were made during the first phase of construction, whereas others were made at the end of the project.

Aint they different